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Kite Trips in Mozambique

More than 2500 km coast and spots

Travel, the essence of kiteboarding

Mozambique is known as the country with the most beautiful African beaches An endless reservoir of spots, virgins, most of them yet not discovered. Kitesurfing is one of those bewitching, exciting sports, conducive to travel and discovery. We offer to take you with us. For day trips, over a few days, or more:

voyageurs davant une voiture Paysage vu de drone

Day kite trip

Less than 1 hour from Bilene, Through the African tracks, we will cross typical local villages, greeted by the adorable local inhabitants, to end up on a piece of art of the most flat spot that we have been given the opportunity to ride.

coucher de soleil vu de voiture plage et océan vu de drone

A few days kite trip

Depending on the weather, we leave for one or more destinations such as Tofo, Inharimé, Zavora, Inhambane…

voyageurs davant une voiture Paysage vu de drone

Weekly kite trip

Depending on the weather, we will cover a few spots of the “a few days” trip but will push our exploration further to Vilanculo, or our famous “secret spot”, a nugget of virgin lagoon in the middle of nowhere (digital detox is offered, since you won't have a choice) We will stay in a “chalet house” whose owner, who built it for him, gives us access. We will be at the very heart of the spot: The video "that hurts the eyes".

paysage de lagune vu de drone plage et océan avec voiture et équipement