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We take care of everything as soon as you leave the airport. There are so many things to tell you! Here they are summarized in the form of links:

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Our center is located on the beach of the Palmeiras complex, a small charming hotel center perfectly integrated into nature. Equipped with Wifi, with its Beach bar and restaurant directly on the spot, we recommend it for the vast majority of our guests. Bilene has several hotels of various standings with which we also work, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the possibilities of accommodation on site.

paysage de lagune paysage restaurant sur la plage

flèche haut Flights flèche haut

Many airlines serve Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Among them Ethiopian Airlines Qatar Airways South Africa Airways Turkish Airlines These companies generally offer flights in 2 stages “departure / hub of the company” then “Hub / Maputo” TAP Portugal can be a significant challenger since it offers a direct flight from Lisbon. As an indication, an average budget of flights for mozambique will be around 700€ for a return trip for one person. In terms of flight comparator, Google has, for a few years, far surpassed all competition, try it for yourself: Google flight comparator.

Avion de ligne en vol carte du monde

flèche haut Visas for Mozambique flèche haut

The regulations often change in Mozambique regarding the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa directly upon arrival at the airport. It is recommended to obtain this visa in advance, by contacting the Embassy of Mozambique in your resident country. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the possibilities of obtaining a visa directly on arrival. In any case, we strongly advise against the use of one of these type of websites “we provide you with all types of visas in 3 clicks” that abound on Internet.

passeport du mozambique passeports en noir et blanc

flèche haut Airport Transfers flèche haut

They are done by taxi, on an asphalt road in good condition, in the middle of typical African landscapes. Prices can vary from simple to triple. We have a partnership agreement and take care of booking them for you.

Aeroport de Maputo Ville de Maputo

flèche haut Situation of Mozambique flèche haut

Mozambique is a calm and welcoming country, its inhabitants are warm and smiling. Many of our guests have visited many spots, by taxi or even aboard traditional "chapas" (local transport), not to mention whole families, including young children, who have traveled there in Vans or converted 4x4s ubuntu-overland.

barbecue tout sourire femmes souriantes

flèche haut And for health flèche haut

Teresa is an emergency nurse at the International Red Cross, she has intervened on many scenes of natural disasters all over the world, in other words, the scratches of everyday life will be quickly forgotten. The spot is completely safe and secure, if something really happens, Mozambique has several private hospitals with competent staff. There is no vaccination required for Mozambique. Antimalarial: recommended only if project visits cities, Safaris etc...

Aeroport de Maputo

flèche haut To take with you flèche haut

Bilene enjoys an ideal tropical climate due to its proximity to the ocean. The average temperature is around 30°, the water is not far from it. We sail in Lycra most of the time, a shorty can be useful for days with strong winds. A non-exhaustive list of what we recommend taking with you: Sunscreen, sunglasses, Sunglasses suitable for kitesurfing, Mosquito repellent, Hat/Cap, one pants and sweater just in case.

lagoon landscape

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